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August 29, 2008
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Norway 8 by CalleHoglund Norway 8 by CalleHoglund
Said I was gonna submit the colour version of: [link]
decided to do another stitched shot instead, showing some more of that beautiful valley around Strynevatnet.

Its a five shot piece [][][][][] cropped down to a square version. Some slight saturation change to try and get it to how I remembered how it actually looked.

I now have posted 38 shots from my Norwegian trip on my Flickr account: [link]
you have some more shots from this very place among other shots I decided not to show case here. If you want me to upload something from there that I haven't already feel free to give me a shout, and if you have a Flickr account let me know.


Strynevatnet, Norway.
Canon Eos 40D
Sigma 10-20 mm f: 4-5,6
Manfrotto 725B
Hoya CPL

Focal Length: 10mm
Shutter Speed: 1/30
Aperture: f11
ISO: 100

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Very cool and pretty
this is truly beautiful.. especially the colors.
how did you arrange the shots? if I may to ask. ..
I just don't understand where the 5 shots are. not only in this image, there are some more in your gallery
Thanks mate!
About the panoramic shot, I mainly take that many shot to get it as true as possible and to be able to get rid of disortions which always accure with the wide angle lenses.
So I take one shot then move the camera approximately 1/3 before I take the next shot, and so on.
I just prefer taking them on portrait view rather then the very wide landscape version, although I occasionly take that kind of shots too.
I've learned that if I take 5-6 shots, and after processing before cropping its almost always very near a square which is a format I love, and by doing a few shots I get so much more details and a bigger, richer view then I would just squaring a single shot. I'm bad at trying to explain why I do stuff, mainly cause I most of the time just go by pure inspiration and feel, but hopefully you understood some of my mombo-jumbo text above =]

jup, I think I got you.
It makes sense when you move the camera just 1/3 and make vertical shots. I was a bit confused and thought you arrange the images abreast and among each other to get the square format. you know what I mean??
thanks a lot buddy
Yeah I also do it just to be sure not to miss anything, which easily can happen if you take each picture to far apart(lot harder to merge the shots accordingly). There are still misstakes here and there, but you will achive better results if you take more shots and closer to each other.

No problemo, take care!
painwithdesire Sep 8, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Mmmm my favorite color is blue... so this one stands out to me very much.
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